Monday, January 26, 2015


TBB ROCKING CREW IS ALL OVER THE GLOBE WE ARE BBOYS/BGIRLS , GRAFFITI WRITERS , EMCEES , DEEJAYS , EDUCATORS , ACTIVIST, STUDENTS , PARENTS , and soo much more. We represent our HIP HOP Roots and we are primarily focused today as a Rocking Crew so much of what you see , hear and know about us will be related to HIP HOP dance which has taken its course of change over the past 40 years and we are proud to still be here and to be a part of the history.
check out the pages above to see Artwork , learn our in depth story and to support our future work. Every year during the 1st week of October we have our Anniversary in NYC and you are invited of course as it is always family friendly and a great chance to expose youth to HIP HOP as a cultural and revolutionary movement that is youth driven at its very core.

for more information please go to the tab above that reads TBB Anniv.  and/or visit this other TBB link which is the acting official website below.....